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Curator:  Sevengül Sönmez
Exhibition Design:  Burçak Madran, Armağan Arda
Graphic Design:  Burcu Kayalar
Exhibition Assistants:  Ali Bolcakan, Berfu Durukan
Museum Texhnologies & Videos:  Harikalar Kutusu, Tetrazon Tasarım
Exhibition Systems: Tetrazon Tasarım
Digital Print: DCC Reklam, Group Genix
Museum Director:  Deniz Koç
Museum Executive Board: Bülent Özden, Deniz Koç, Halim Bulutoğlu, Suay Aksoy 
Yönetici Asistanı:  Eda Yiğit
Stajyerler:  Evrensel Derman, Sena Şerifoğlu
Translation:  Lingo Turc Danışmanlık ve Dil Hizmetleri
Translation Editing:  Birgül Gündaş
Press Communication:  Marjinal Porter Novelli

Published in Islands Writers Poets

The love between the islands and literature that is the source of legends from thousands of years ago, and utopias that shape the future seem like they will never  come to an end as long as humanity exists. Mankind has been expressing their longing for beauty, happiness, equality and immortality by associating them with the islands; and escaping the troubles of daily life by dreaming of them. This dream has become even richer by gaining intense meanings in the imagination and consciousness of writers. Even though some islands evoke feelings like poverty, solitude, fear and troubles, and even though some others are the places of annihilation of men, the longing for happiness, the feeling of adventure and the idea of escape has never disappeared in any age, nor has the number of writers who put these into words have decreased.

“The Islands, Writers, Poets... from myth to literature”Exhibition, that gathers the legends that tell the stories of the islands, the mythological heroes who gave their  names to the islands, the unknown and imaginary islands and utopias; approaches the fact “living and writing in the island” in the light of different themes by combining  World Literature with Turkish Literature.

I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the Exhibition from the point of ideas untill the time of realization.

Sevengül Sönmez

Published in Islands Writers Poets
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