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Migration Connections Exhibition 2012

Published in 2012 Exhibitions

Welcome to the exibition of migration connections

This is a project

We came to the end of the first European Union-backed project, we established new connections and cooperations with the work named as "Introduction to the Urban Museology in Turkey" conducted for one year, we have selected the subject of immigration and studied.

We opened a working area in front of us that we want to continue and to mature in time, as for every project.

We are trying to look at what we can explain with the connections, what was acquired or lost with migraiton, what happened in the beyond of our changing addresses.

The experiences in different regions over the centuries have been transferred to the exihibition and connected with the concepts in this project consisting of 9 different studies.

The selected narratives compile the new experiences brought in our rapidly changing lifes by migration and migrants that we live together.

We, explaining the exhibition, can also listen how much the discrimination and othering has been talked about, from the different voices.

We brought together the stories of goers, comers and those on the move in this project...

Deniz Koç

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