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There is Life in Marmara - From the Curator

Compared to many seas on earth, "once upon a time" the marmara was a small sea, but it was a unique sea with regards to the diversit of its fauna and flora.

More precisely, it was...

There are 2 canals for this small, but valuable, life habitat to breathe; the "Istanbul Bosphorus" to the north and the "Cannakkale Bosphorus" to the south.

The Istanbul Bosphorus is not breathing easil due to the structuring and pollution created as a result of the metropolitan’s unbelievable growth, as well as europe’s waste materials carried through the Danube River. It is not known how much longer the Marmara Sea can survive with the help of the Cannakkale Bosphorus’s feedback.

All the rings of the perfect nutrition chain occurred as a result of big fish chasing the little ones, once upon a time, were broken one by one and the sea balance turned upside-down. Schools of mackerel disappeared; bonito and bluefish followed the mackerels decrease. Tunas did not enter into the marmara sea when they couldn’t find these schools that the followed; likewise, the sharks, which are at the top of the nutrition chain, are following them. Now, the Marmara Sea is about to experience an irrevocable annihilation due not only to its disrupted balance, but also to the increasing pressure from fishing.

In this exhibition, we show that the struggle for existence in the seas around the islands is tenaciously continuing, we would like to present the underwater photos of sea life and demonstrate that the sea is still partly alive and needs to be cared for carefully.

Ateş Evirgen

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