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Houses of God on the Princes' Islands Exhibition - From the Curator

Istanbul is a city in which religions and sects have existed together for centuries. The Muslims, Christians and Jews who have believed in the same God for around 550 years live together. Surely all of them have a sanctuary, new or old… In other words, there are hundreds of God in Istanbul. The Islands constitute a small-scale sample of Istanbul about this subject with their countless individualities. The houses of God belonging to each religion are not missing here. We know that there have been Orthodox abbeys, churches and holy springs other than the Greek fishing villages since the Constantinople period in Islands. most of these, although they have changed in time, have reached today. When the Islands began to develop as a summer place after the second half of the nineteenth century, also the population of the Christians, Muslims and Jews other than Greek people raised. After that, the number of the houses of God increased with the construction of the churches of Orthodox Apostolic Armenian, Catholic Armenian and Latin Catholic and temples. A mosque was constructed in each island. Then the number of mosques in Buyukada reached four. The djemevi in Burgaz was added to these as the last ring.

The goal of the “The Houses of God” exhibition is to document the versatile religious-social structure of the Islands with the look of an architecture historian and the view of a photographer… In the exhibition, there are photographs of the houses of God, mosques, cemevi, monastery, churches, holy springs and sinagogues belonging to each religion and sect in the Islands. We mentioned about the architecture features of the buildings in photographs and accompanying articles. We tried to show the real functions of the houses of God and how people have used them. We believe that the photographs showing a feast or funeral prayer in a mosque, a wedding ceremony or grape reading ritual in a church, a whirling in a djemevi, a Sabbath day in a temple will present the goal of the exhibition and they will catch the visitor’s attraction at least as much as architecture photographs.

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