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Curator: Deniz Koç
Exhibition Design: Bülent Özden, Banu Barmak
Graphic Design: Gülşah Sağlam Uebel, Arne Uebel
Exhibitors: Belma Akşit, Bahattin Akşit, Hakan Akçura, Murat Güvenç, Berlin Kreuzberg Müzesi, İskeçe Xanthi Folklor Müzesi
Museum Executive Board: Bülent Özden, Deniz Koç, Halim Bulutoğlu, Suay Aksoy
Museum Technology & Display:  Harikalar Kutusu
Oral History: Eda Yiğit
Translation: Lingo Turk Danışmanlık ve Dil Hizmetleri
Translation Editing: Kathleen Hamilton Gündoğdu
Digital Print: Tüm Baskı
Press Communication: Marjinal Porter Novelli


Aslı Yalap, Dahmar Nordberg, Gesine >Arfken, Hikmet Eliz, Kiki Christodoulou, Martin Düspohl, Mine Timur Bragner, Rafet Garip, Sami Karabıyıklıoğlu, Sirje Miller, Şerif Ali Coşkuner, Özcan Ayanoğlu, Paschalis Xanthopoulos, Yasemin Avamoğlu

Islands Municipality, Büyükada Water Products Cooperative, Heybeliada Coachman Association, Goethe Institute İstanbul Branch, Stokholm Nacka Municipality H.A.M.N Museum, Maltepe University, Association of Museum Professionals, History Foundation

and oral history interviewees…

An island story

Some time around the thirties and the sixties of the last century...

There is a group offamilies and friends living in Istanbul.

They tour the city whenever they can create time together.

They frequent the Princes' Islands most. Büyükada, Heybeli, Burgaz and Kınalıada.

They go to every obscure corner of the islands.

They continuously take pictures and never decline to record date and place information at the backs of the printed photographs.

Therefore we can retrace their footsteps.

Some of these will be on display at the museum; the whole collection exceeds a hundred.

They were discovered by chance in June 2009 at a second-hand bookstore in Aslı Han of Beyoğlu. As is often the case, these albums and other memorabilia of the city dwellers that cherished their city and were attentive enough to document their experiences found their ways to a second-hand shop one way or the other.

However, we are lucky in this case as the whole collection of these photographs is presented to the Princes' Islands Museum. Who knows, maybe there will be visitors who happen to know these people in the pictures and further opportunities to relive the memories will be created.

The Princes' Islands Museum is being created with this hope; the hope that our memories may live forever.


Towards the Princes' Islands Museum

Princes' Islands Museum is an aged hope of the islanders. It was talked about a lot but no steps were taken.

With the announcement of Istanbul as the European Capital of Culture for 2010, this old idea suddenly became realisable. Municipality and the Foundation prepared a project. Metropolitan Municipality donated the old primary school building at Kadiyoran for this cause.

The works started speedily with the approval of the project in 2009. Together with the architectural restoration project, a supporting activity of collecting documents and composing an archive also started and attracted the contribution of many well-known individuals.

Princes' Islands Museum aspires to document and relate the known history, recent past and today of all the islands in the archipelago.

It aims at bringing together the people, buildings, products, exiles on the islands, migrations by means of contemporary techniques of display.

The project also envisages the renovation of all the museums in the islands and to render the whole of the Princes' Islands as an integrated museum...

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