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Lefter, as you know, we live on a beautiful island. And a lovely peninsula. We love both our island and our peninsula. We are passionate about this land, like you. Not thinking ‘we came, but we are only passing.’ We came and we stayed here. We live together and want to live all together, from wolf to bird, soil to sea, people that are  not like each other.

If there are people in this land who love their home, their island, soil, sea, country -and people- without prejudice; embracing each other friendly and warmly, your role in all this is crucial, Lefter. Glad that you were born and were here with us.


Tangy in taste, upright in posture,
he was an Island green really
We named him Lefter
He chased the ball, kidlike, all his life
and came home with bruised knees

We called him Lefter
(read: ‘freedom’)
a flower of the island in fact,
blooming every morning.

Each ferry blew her horn for him
short twice, long once, short seven and long five
When he donned the striped jersey
none could bypass him.
We named him Lefter
and he flew like bird.

No words of appreciation
nor any affection of mine is enough
No stones can I throw, my hand’ll break,
for I can never strike a bird!

He prayed in Greek,
and cursed in Turkish
We called him Lefter
he was the humane warmth in us

Ersİn Salman

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